About Us

Over beers at the local brewery, a few friends and music enthusiasts discovered we had a shared vision for our little town of Buffalo, Wyoming – more live music! Saturdays in the Square, a free summer concert series held on the Crazy Woman Square stage, was born in 2018 to bring that vision to life. 

During the first three summers of the series, we hosted nationally and internationally touring bands from around Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, and New Zealand, and showcased several local artists, including many from Buffalo, Sheridan, and Big Horn. The mix of local artists and traveling troubadours brought a much-needed and desired source of entertainment to the town of Buffalo.  

We established Lobban Street Music, a 501 c(3) nonprofit, in 2019, and our mission has continued to grow and evolve. Thanks to the incredible generosity of local sponsors and donors, every Saturdays in the Square concert to-date has been free. We cannot thank our community enough for sharing our vision and making live music accessible to locals and visitors alike.  

“Live music is proof there’s some things the internet can’t kill.”

Jim James